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Else Marie Laukvik


Else Marie Laukvik was born in 1944 in Oslo, Norway. She was one of the five young people who agreed to work with the then unknown Eugenio Barba in Oslo in 1964. Else Marie followed the group to Holstebro, Denmark. Her experiences as an actor are published in The Actor's Way, edited by Erik Exe Christoffersen. At the same time as she was performing with Odin Teatret,  Else Marie worked as director for Teatret Marquez in Aarhus, Denmark,  from 1981 to 1991, and from 1993 to 2004. As an actress Else Marie has also collaborated  with Teatro Tascabile di Bergamo (Italy), in 1996. She worked as a  freelance director with  Munin Teatret (Denmark) in 1997, Teatro Actores Alidos (Italy) in 1999, Rogo Teatro (Italy) in 2002, Associazione Culturale Teatro dell'Albero (Italy) in 2003. Else Marie Laukvik toured to Australia and New Zealand in 2004 as director of the performance Ingeborg Stuckenberg, Teatret Marquez, giving lectures at universities about Odin Teatret's history. Else Marie worked as director with the musical trio Kabaret Wagon, making En tu pequeña vida in 2005, and The Monkey Orchestra, a performance for children, in 2006. In 2007, she directed the cabaret performance Hungry Tigers with the new theatre duo Mia & Max. Else Marie Laukvik has created My Stage Children, a performance which presents all her stage characters live and through film fragments.





My Father's House

The Book of Dances

Presenze e Figure

Come! And the Day will be Ours


The Million

The Gospel According to Oxyrhincus


Performance demonstrations

My Stage Children


Storytelling Project

The Soldier, a Child and the Blue Bird


Odin performances for children

Gøglere og Spaghetti


Performances with Else Marie Laukvik as actress with other companies than Odin Teatret

Per Gynt (directed by Renzo Vescovi, Teatro Tascabile di Bergamo, Italy)

Performances directed by Else Marie Laukvik for Teatret Marquez

La Candida

Goya - a Masquerade of Love

Perler og Svin - en cabaret

Kroppen er et digt - Kærligheden en sang


One More Planet! Please.

Blind Sejlads

Short Letters from a Long Voyage


Performances directed by Else Marie Laukvik for other companies

The Night of the Vagabonds (with Silvia Ricciardelli, Ulrik Skeel, Julia Varley)

Hvor ravnene vender (with Munin Teatret, Denmark)
Mille e un Sogno (with Actores Alidos, Italy)

Good Night Cathy (with Rosalba Genovese, Teatro dell'Albero, Italy)

Senza Destinazione (with Rogo Teatro, Italy)

Ingeborg Stuckenberg Project 2004 (Teatret Marquez, Denmark)
En tu pequeña vida (with Kabaret Wagon, Denmark)

The Monkey Orchestra (with Kabaret Wagon, Denmark)

Hungry Tigers (with Mia & Max, Great Britain)

Caveflowers (with Hazal Selçuk, Turkey, co- director F. Winther)

Seagreen Story (with Hazal Selçuk, Turkey)

Metamorpheosis (with Samka Teatro, Italy/Colombia)

Arctic Hysteria (with Abi Basch and Kinderdeutsch, San Francisco, USA)

KNOTS - Rules to Be Happily Unhappy (with Itinera arte en expanción, Italy/Mexico)




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