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    The Misty Road to a Performance

    Wednesday, February 15, 2012 - Friday, May 11, 2012


    In the framework of

    Holstebro Kommune - Odin Teatret - IKC, Interkulturelt Center






    Holstebro, 15 February - 11 May 2012

    A 3 month process of performance montage led by Pierangelo Pompa (director in residence at Odin Teatret)

    Pierangelo Pompa's work, which is open to a limited number of participants, will focus on the process leading up to a performance, inspired by the novel Night's Lies, by Gesualdo Bufalino. This process involves the dynamics of teaching and self-teaching as well as the dynamics of the individual and collective artistic relationships in group work - in a collective mind. The daily programme will include the development of a personal training and a time devoted to the creative work. The training, coordinated by the director, will depart from the previous experiences undergone by the participants. It will comprise physical and vocal exercises and the practice of the founding principles of stage presence: physical actions, as the smallest units of scenic behaviour, and relationships to other actors, music, space, objects and words. Training will show how a physical action can find its organic extension in a vocal action. Two fundamental principles of the actor's craft will be explored: the segmentation of actions and the synchronisation of physical impulses with vocal impulses. These are the premises for a dialogue through actions, and for a fertile collaboration between actor and director.

    The creative process will be rooted in the unfolding of an independent actor's dramaturgy, and in the narrative and poetic potentialities of the actor's actions to be inserted in the performance's structure. The actor's dramaturgy will be developed during the training through the invention, variation and interpretation of physical and vocal sequences (scores). The various ways of a structured improvisation will be explored with the aim of creating individual materials which will be elaborated by the director with reference to the theme of the performance. The result will be presented as a work in progress at Odin Teatret and in other places in Holstebro.

    The three month period includes at least eight hours of daily activity, five days a week, in the different fields described above, as well as the practical aspects of creative work such as the realisation of costumes and props. The programme includes meetings with various actors from Odin Teatret and its director Eugenio Barba; performances and work demonstrations by Odin Teatret and other guest performances; historical and theoretical lectures by the staff of OTA (Odin Teatret Archives) with films and videos from the archives. During the period when Odin Teatret will perform its latest production, The Chronic Life, a particular study will be made on the theme of the actor's and director's dramaturgy thanks to the possibility of attending the performance several times.


    The working language is English. The director can also communicate on a personal level in Italian, French and Spanish.


    PIERANGELO POMPA, born in Rome, (Italy) in 1979, is a director. After starting out as an amateur actor, he studied directing in different theatres, among others Théâtre du Soleil. Since 2006, he has worked at Odin Teatret as Eugenio Barba's assistant in various productions and projects in Denmark, Italy and Taiwan. In 2008 he founded in Italy the Altamira Laboratory, with performances and teaching activity, also at the Centre of University Theatre at the University of Ferrara. Since 2008 he has directed: I Look at the Sea (Antas Teatro), Don Giovanni - A Scherzo for Servant and Master (Altamira Laboratory) and Twelve Good Words (Altamira Laboratory-Antas Teatro). He completed his university studies in theatre history and Chinese language and literature. He specialised in Chinese classic theatre and has made several stays in China and Taiwan, studying in particular the writings of Mei Lanfang. Since 2009, he has published essays and reports in the Italian magazine "Teatro e Storia".


    FEE: the teaching process in residence is free, the only condition being an uninterrupted presence at all activities. Participants will be requested to help with practical tasks inside the theatre, including daily cleaning.

    ACCOMODATION including spartan lodging in the Odin guesthouse, free access to services (kitchen, laundry and internet), use of working venues and stage equipment: DKK 3,000 (about 400 Euro) a month, making a total of DKK 9.000 (about 1,200 Euro) for the whole period to be paid by 15 January 2012.


    A meeting for mutual knowledge and selection will be held at Odin Teatret from 24 to 27 November 2011. It will be possible to lodge at the theatre's guesthouse at the cost of 50 Euros for the four days. Participation in this meeting is not obligatory, but priority will be given to those who have taken part in it.


    Applications must reach Odin Teatret by 15 November 2011. These must be addressed to and marked MISTY ROAD.



    15 February - 11 May 2012

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