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    Lost in the forest – Actor’s Dramaturgy and characters

    Monday, October 29, 2012 - Sunday, November 25, 2012

    In the framework of


    Holstebro Kommune - Odin Teatret - IKC, Interkulturelt Center




    A 4 week workshop led by Pierangelo Pompa (director of Altamira Laboratory in residence at Odin Teatret)


    29 October - 25 November 2012


    In week 47 we will visit the residential care homes of Holstebro with 30 minutes of songs and colourful scenes.


    Monday 19 November at 3 p.m.: Plejebolig Beringsvej

    Tuesday 20 november at 10 a.m.: Plejebolig Parkvej

    Wednesday  21 November at 11 a.m.: Sønderland center - barter with the locals and the theatre group.
    Thursday 22  November at 2 p.m.: Plejebolig Mellemtoft

    Friday 23 November at 11 a.m.: Plejebolig Thorsvej .



    The workshop will focus on actor's dramaturgy in its various phases - from training to the final montage of a performance. Each participant will create a character for one or several interwoven scenes which will be shown at Odin Teatret, in old people's homes and in other places in Holstebro.

    The work will start every day with physical training aiming to detect a common technical language based upon some fundamental principles of the craft:

    - physical actions: which is to say the smallest unity of stage behaviour;

    - action's segmentation, and synchronization of physical and vocal impulses: the necessary premises for a dialogue through actions, music, songs and words.

    During the workshop each participant will have to invent a character in reference to the theme "Lost in the forest", understood in its literal and metaphoric, geographical or personal meaning. The individual characters will be developed through physical composition (postures, rhythms, dynamic qualities, etc.), and the use of costumes and props as organic extensions of the actor's body. Various forms of improvisation and different strategies for the creation of personal stage material will be applied. Each character will unfold its own particular gestures and ways of relating with other figures and with the space, using narrative, visual, musical, biographical and other kinds of references as inspiration and according to a coherent motivated stage behaviour.

    The material developed by the participants will be elaborated together with the director and put into relationship with partners and music, placed in different spaces, inserted in brief scenes, underlining the creative tension between the dramaturgy of each single actor and the demands of a general dramaturgy.

    On arrival in Holstebro, each participant must present a costume to be improved during the workshop, and three props that distinguish the character. A week before the beginning of the workshop, the participants must send half a page with the information they consider fundamental in relationship to their character (to

    The participants should also know three songs and three texts by heart in their own language connected to the theme of the workshop. The texts must be of about half a page length and can be of any kind: poetry, prose, newspaper articles, etc. A musical instrument can be used. Other kind of already worked upon material is welcome, provided it is connected to a personal interpretation of the theme "Lost in the forest".

    The programme can include meetings with various members of Odin Teatret and with its director Eugenio Barba; performances and work demonstrations by Odin Teatret and other guest performances; historical and theoretical lectures by the staff of OTA (Odin Teatret Archives), with films and videos from the archives.

    The common work language is English. The director can also communicate on a personal level in Italian, Spanish and French.

    The workshop is open to a maximum of ten participants.


    PIERANGELO POMPA, born in Rome, (Italy) in 1979, is a theatre director. Since 2006, he has worked at Odin Teatret as Eugenio Barba's assistant in various productions and projects in Denmark, Italy and Taiwan. In 2008 he founded in Italy the Altamira Laboratory, with performances and teaching activity, also at the Centre of University Theatre at the University of Ferrara. Since 2008 he has directed: I Look at the Sea (Antas Teatro), Don Giovanni - A Scherzo for Servant and Master (Altamira Laboratory) and Twelve Good Words (Altamira Laboratory-Antas Teatro), and The Garden (Altamira Laboratory-CTU Ferrara). In 2012, in residence at Odin Teatret, he has directed the international project The Misty Road to a Performance. He completed his university studies in theatre history and Chinese language and literature. He specialised in Chinese classic theatre and has made several stays in China and Taiwan, studying in particular the writings of Mei Lanfang. Since 2009, he has published essays and reports in the Italian magazine "Teatro e Storia".


    FEE: DKK 4.000 (about 500 Euro) for the whole period, including spartan lodging in the Odin guesthouse, free access to services (kitchen, laundry, internet), use of working venues and stage equipment. Participants will be requested to help with the practical tasks of life at Odin Teatret, including daily cleaning.



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    Applications, accompanied by a CV, must reach Odin Teatret by September 15th 2012. These must be addressed to and marked LOST IN THE FOREST.





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