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    The clinic of the blinded

    Monday, July 01, 2013 - Sunday, August 04, 2013

    Altamira Laboratory - Holstebro Kommune - Odin Teatret - IKC, Interkulturelt Center





    2013 programme


    The Clinic of the Blinded


    Workshop on actor's dramaturgy

    First session of rehearsals for the performance


    A 5-week workshop led by Pierangelo Pompa (director of the Altamira Laboratory from Italy in residence at Odin Teatret) from 1 July to 4 August  2013.


    The workshop is open to a maximum of 15 participants (actors/musicians) in addition to actors of Altamira Laboratory.

    The workshop will focus on actor's dramaturgy in its various phases - from training to the final montage of a performance. It will be the first phase of rehearsals for the creation of the performance The Clinic of the Blinded, a new production by Altamira Laboratory.


    At the end of the workshop, five participants will be invited to join the actors of Altamira Laboratory for the following sessions of rehearsals, and possibly for other activities.

    Two more residencies, of one month each, are planned before the end of March 2014. The venue and dates will be confirmed later. 





    The workshop will focus on:

    - actor's dramaturgy in its various phases - from training to the final montage of a performance.

    - the process leading up to a performance, within the framework of a "dramaturgy-in-progress".


    Training will aim to develop an extra-daily quality of stage presence and to detect a common technical language based upon some fundamental principles of the craft:

    - physical actions: which is to say the smallest dynamic unit of stage behaviour; differences between movement and action; the vocal action as the extension of the physical action.

    -segmentation into actions of a fragment of behaviour and synchronisation of physical and vocal impulses: the necessary premises for a dialogue through actions, music, songs and words.


    The actor's dramaturgy will be developed during the training by searching for patterns of intentions and associations which can be  transformed into a score of real actions or a small scene.  The participants will be asked to invent, shape, and interpret physical and vocal sequences (scores). The various ways of structuring an improvisation and creating an actor's materials will be explored.

    Each participant will work on one or more characters connected to the themes of the performance. The characters will be created through physical composition (postures, rhythms, dynamic qualities, etc.), and the use of costumes and props as organic extensions of the actor's body. Each character will unfold its own coherent motivated physical behaviour and ways of relating with other  characters and with the space, using narrative, visual, musical, biographical and other kinds of references as inspiration.

     The materials developed by the participants will be selected, elaborated and related to each other, underlining the creative tension between the dramaturgy of each single actor and the demands of a the general dramaturgy.


    The workshop will involve collaboration with a psychiatric hospital and an association for the blind in Holstebro or in another town of the region. One or more theatrical interventions will be made by the participants in these places.


    The working language will be English. The director can also communicate in Italian, French, Spanish and Danish.



    THE PERFORMANCE - Dramaturgical Outline


    Winter; everyday life; perhaps in an institution for mental health. With wide-open eyes whose gaze is directed irrevocably inwards, the blinded grope about uncertainly, following the trajectories of a vision only accessible to them. 

    Some have been blinded by anger or by a dream of love. Others have been blinded by the mocking   spell of a utopia and some have pierced their own eyes so as not to see their failure. The ways of being blinded are innumerable.

    Immobilised in a waiting room, the blinded stare at an instant which has gone astray; they chew over heroic prophecies that have become ridiculous. In the air thick with frost and silence, floats the distorted echo of a dream that once was.  

    But all the blinded people have a shadow that follows them, protecting their backs as an invisible nurse who above all shields them from themselves. The Doctor watches the scene thoughtfully. Perhaps he has something in mind. 

    In fact, the distant melody is perhaps not entirely lost. The obsession of those blinded contains a  dance, and the Babel of whispers could reveal itself to be a choir of revolt. Behind the alienated routine of a warm soup, an unpredictable Spring could perhaps be celebrated. 


    The participants will be given further information, in order to prepare materials and proposals in advance. All kinds of musical instruments are welcome.



    PIERANGELO POMPA, born in Rome, (Italy) in 1979, is a theatre director. Since 2006, he has worked at Odin Teatret as Eugenio Barba's assistant in various productions and projects in Denmark, Italy and Taiwan. In 2008 he founded in Italy the Altamira Laboratory, with performances and teaching activities, also at the Centre of University Theatre at the University of Ferrara. Since 2008 he has directed: I Look at the Sea (Antas Teatro), Don Giovanni - A Scherzo for Servant and Master (Altamira Laboratory) and Twelve Good Words (Altamira Laboratory-Antas Teatro), and The Garden (Altamira Laboratory-CTU Ferrara). In 2012, in residence at Odin Teatret, he has directed the international project The Misty Road to a Performance and the seminar Lost in the Forest. He completed his university studies in theatre history and Chinese language and literature. He specialised in traditional Chinese theatre and has made several stays in China and Taiwan, studying in particular the writings of Mei Lanfang. Since 2009, he has published essays and reports in the Italian magazine "Teatro e Storia".

    Presently Pierangelo Pompa is working on the dramaturgy of a new Altamira Laboratory production, Mum in Prison, and making a research residency at Shanghai Theatre Academy.






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    FEE: DKK 4000 (about 530 €) for the whole period, including spartan lodging in the Odin guesthouse, free access to services (kitchen, laundry, internet), use of working venues and stage equipment. Participants will be requested to help with the practical tasks of life at Odin Teatret, including daily cleaning.



    APPLICATIONS, accompanied by a CV, must reach Odin Teatret by 10 April. These must be addressed to




    Applicants should mention if they are interested in being part of the performance or just attending the workshop.



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