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    The Last Blow

    Friday, February 07, 2014 - Friday, February 14, 2014

    In the framework of

    Holstebro Kommune - Odin Teatret - IKC, Interkulturelt Center



    07-14 February 2014


    A week of work in progress for the next production of the theatre group Divano Occidentale Orientale, led by Giuseppe L. Bonifati, Italy (director in residence at Odin Teatret) and Alberto M. Guinaldo, Spain (actor in residence at Odin Teatret) with a selected group of artists.





    GIUSEPPE L. BONIFATI (1985) is an actor, playwright and theatre director based in Italy and Denmark. He studied at the Paolo Grassi Civic School of Dramatic Art in Milan, at the Silvio D'Amico National Academy of Dramatic Arts in Rome and at the Venice Biennale International Theatre Workshops. As actor he took part in plays directed by Eugenio Barba, Julia Varley, Motus, Renato Carpentieri, Remondi &Caporossi, Ruggero Cappuccio, Andrée Ruth Shammah, Roberto Cavosi, Emanuela Giordano, Giuseppe Maradei. He was awarded with the Crystal Microphone "Umberto Benedetto, 2006, RAI, New voices for radio, and was chosen in 2011 among the Young National Talents by Italian Ministry of Youth.  He travelled with his works in Italy, Denmark, Costa Rica, Poland, Hungary, Bosnia Erzegovina, Venezuela, etc…He is the artistic director of the ensemble Divano Occidentale Orientale, for which he wrote and directed Ammaliata, winner of the ETI (Italian Theatre Institute) prize for "Teatri del Sacro 2009"; and Cala 'a Saudage, finalist for the CRT - Teatro dell'Arte Kantor Prize Festival in 2010. Giuseppe L. Bonifati won the Alessandro Fersen National Prize of Dramaturgy in 2011 with the text Pepè El Bastardo Impaziente e Innamorato. In March 2012 he directed in San José (Costa Rica) his play Maiden in Costa Rica, co-produced by Ministry of Culture/Teatro Popular Melico Salazar/International Festival of Arts 2012. The play got the Student's Jury Award at Puppet is A Human Too Festival 2012 in Warsaw, Poland. He also conceived the performances qui-es-tu?tu-me-tues 2013, in collaboration with Venice Biennale - Int. Theatre Workshops/Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium/Sarajevo Winter Festival and the multidisciplinary art project The Judgement 2013, in partnership with Art Quarter Budapest.

    born in Spain in 1971, he has attended the Conservatoire d'Art dramatique in Liège (Belgium) where he got an acting degree in 1999 and studied with renowned Russian acting teachers from GITIS: Vladimir Ananiev, Irina Promptova, Tatiana Agaeva and Oleg Kudriachov. His interest in multicultural and theatre research brought him to work in many different countries: France, England, Singapore, Italy, Canada and Spain, performing or running workshops, for both adults and young audiences. He performed in The seagull by Eimuntas Nekrosius in 2000, and has been working in recent years with theatre directors such as Mathias Simons, Nathalie Mauger and Jean-François Noville. In 2006 he received a Best Actor Award at the Huy Theatre Festival. He has performed in two plays directed by Eugenio Barba: The marriage of Medea in 2008, and Ur-Hamletin 2009. In 2008 he joined The Jasonites, performing and developing a social theatre programme in Torino (Italy), Holstebro (Denmark) and Freiburg (Germany). Alberto has toured in Europe with The Jasonites as part of the EU funded Caravan Artists on the Road project. With Divano Orientale Occidentale he starred in Maiden in Costa Rica 2012, qui-es-tu?tu-me-tues 2013 and and he will take part in The Judgementand The Last Blow, new DOO productions scheduled for 2014.



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