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    The Staggering Circus - workshop

    Monday, July 14, 2014 - Sunday, August 10, 2014

    WIN  (Workout for Intercultural Navigators)

    An Odin Teatret project supported by Holstebro Kommune

    and IKC, Interkulturelt Center


    The Staggering Circus

    Holstebro (Odin Teatret), 14 July to 10 August 2014
    A 4-week workshop with Pierangelo Pompa ending with an open air performance


    The workshop will focus on:


    • the actor's dramaturgy in its various phases - from training to the creation of a character and the montage of a scene;
    • theatricalisation of an open space;
    • the dramaturgical function of music in a closed or open space;
    • the use of theatre as interference in a social context.




    Working process : The actor's dramaturgy will be developed during the training by searching for intentions and associations which can be transformed into a score of actions and small scenes. Various ways of structuring an improvisation and creating an actor's materials will be explored.

    Each participant will work on one character connected to the theme of the performance. The characters will be created through improvisation and physical composition (postures, rhythms, dynamic qualities, etc.) and the use of costumes and props as organic extensions of the actor's body. The materials developed by the participants will be elaborated and related to each other in order to structure the performance.


    Dramaturgical outline:

    The Staggering Circus is a caravan of staggering artists who arrive dancing from an unknown place to present their unpredictable and grotesque fair. Among them we find a dwarf violinist, a giant poet, a bearded woman and a snake man, a monstrously fat woman and an impoverished aristocrat, an elephant man and a tamer of fleas, body builders and  Siamese ballerinas, a limping cyclist and a swallower of knives.

    A circus without a tent invades streets and squares, beaches and fields with an explosive and delirious energy. The staggering artists speak an incomprehensible language, yet tell universal epics. As suddenly as they arrived, so they mysteriously disappear playing and singing.

    The Staggering Circus will be performed several times in Holstebro and other open air locations during the last week of the workshop.

    Participants will have to bring a previously sketched character with costume, props, make-up and hairstyle that will be developed with the director. All kinds of musical instruments are welcome. The selected participants will be given further information to prepare materials in advance.

    The working language is English. The director can also communicate in Italian, French, Spanish and Danish.





    PIERANGELO POMPA, born 1979 in Italy, is a theatre director who has been Eugenio Barba's assistant in Denmark, Italy and Taiwan since 2006. In 2008 he founded the Altamira Laboratory in Italy, doing performances and teaching activities, also at the University of Ferrara. He has directed 6 performances. Since 2012, he has been in residence at Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium where he has directed several international projects.

    He has studied theatre history and Chinese language and literature, specialising in traditional Chinese theatre, in particular the writings of Mei Lanfang, with several stays in China and Taiwan. Since 2009, he has published essays and articles in the Italian magazine "Teatro e Storia".



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    The workshop is open to a maximum of 15 actors and musicians

    Applications with a short CV must reach Odin Teatret by 31 May


    These must be addressed to









    Price for participation:  Dkk 4000 (about 530 euros) for the whole period. This amount includes tuition, lodging in shared rooms in the Odin guesthouse, free access to services (kitchen, laundry, internet), use of working venues and stage equipment. Participants will be requested to help with the practical tasks of life at Odin Teatret, including daily cleaning.





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