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    The end of the world

    Monday, June 29, 2015


    29.06 - 25.07


    A 25 day workshop led by Carolina Pizarro and Pierangelo Pompa, in collaboration with Altamira Studio Teater at Odin Teatret, Holstebro (Dk)

    For three weeks the participants will create scenes and parades that will be presented several times in Holstebro and its surroundings.

    The workshop will focus on:


    • the actor's dramaturgy in its various phases - from training to the creation of a figure and the montage of a scene or the composition of a choreography
    • theatricalising an open space
    • the dramaturgical function of music in an open space
    • the use of theatre as interference in a specific context



    Carolina Pizarro will lead the physical training based on her experience in techniques of different origin. The rigorous and powerful Indian martial arts of kalaripayattu and silambattan will dialogue with the vitality and dynamic precision of South American rhythms and dances like salsa, merengue and cumbia.

    Pierangelo Pompa and Carolina Pizarro will work together on these techniques from a theatrical point of view, allowing intentions and associations to transform the existing physical structures into improvisation patterns and narrative material.

    Pierangelo Pompa will contribute to the training with dynamic and playful exercises developed with Altamira Studio Teater, focussing on basic principles of the craft such as impulse, action, segmentation, relationships and the connection between theatre, dance, play, sport and combat.


    The patterns and rhythms developed during the training and other improvisation techniques will help each participant to create a theatre figure freely inspired by the theme of the workshop: "The end of the world". The literal and metaphorical meanings of the theme will be explored to reach a colourful and extroverted result. The figures will be created through physical composition (postures, rhythms, dynamic qualities, etc.) and the use of costumes and props as organic extensions of the actor's body.

    Pierangelo Pompa will make a montage of the figures and theatre material to compose scenes and parades, which will be presented in collaboration with the actors of Altamira Studio Teater.

    Individual and collective songs and music will integrate the process and the final montage.


    Participants should bring:

    1. A previously sketched figure inspired by the theme of the workshop, with a costume, a prop, make-up and hairstyle to be developed. The costumes in all their details should be only in red, black and/or white colours.


    2. Comfortable training clothes and shoes. (Depending on the weather, a part of the work will be done outdoors.) The training clothes should be only in blue, green and/or yellow colours.


    3. Musical instruments. Music will be a fundamental part of the work, so all kinds of musical instruments are welcome.


    The working language is English. Carolina Pizarro can also communicate in Spanish, Pierangelo Pompa in Italian, Danish, French, Spanish and Chinese.


    The workshop is open to maximum 12 participants.



    PIERANGELO POMPA, born in Italy in 1979.

    He has studied theatre history and foreign languages and litteratures at Rome University, with a thesis in Chinese language and translation, specialising on Mei Lanfang's writings.

    He made various stays of several months in China and Taiwan, holding workshops and lectures at Beijing Central Academy of Drama and Shanghay Theatre Academy.

    He has been assistant director for Eugenio Barba from 2008 to 2014 for 3 perfromances by Odin Teatret  and numerous other projects. He collaborates regularly with OTA, Odin Teatret Archives.

    He founded in 2008 the international group Altamira Studio Teater and directed all its  performances, presented in Italy, Danmark and France. Together with his group, he is actually in residence at Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium of Holstebro (Danmark), where in addition to preparing and presenting shows, he develops a wide range of activities in the community, with site-specific performances and particular projects. During Holstebro Festival Week 2014, he directed the opening performance Prologue to the Future, and The Empty Chair - A ceremony for the Future, a site-specific intercultural ceremony realised in the main church of Holstebro.

    He has published articles and translations on theatre magazines, and in particular in Teatro e Storia.



    Bachelor of Arts, titled as an actress at the University of Chile. Work with Julia Varley of Odin Teatret, whom he met in 2006 and is currently a teacher and director. Hindustan Kalari Sangham's Disciple, Kerala - India. Triskel Director of Performing Arts and the Transfer Platform Encounters in theater.

    Since 2008 she has shared experience conducting seminars at different levels both in Chile and abroad.


    ALTAMIRA STUDIO TEATER is an international group of theatre creation and research, based in Holstebro (Denmark). It was founded in 2008 by the directorPierangelo Pompa and it has been working since 2010 in residence at Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium, producing performances and realising numerous local-based projects.

    Between 2010 and 2014 Altamira Studio Teater has created various performances, among which I look at the seaDon GiovanniThe GardenTwelve good words, The Clinic of the Blinded, The Staggering Circus and  etudes like Lost in the forest andThe Last Night.

    Beside its performances, Altamira Studio Teater researches in the different fields of theatre culture and its applications within a specific human context, developing a wide range of activities in the community, with site-specific performances and particular projects.

    It has developed international pedagogical projects in the field of actor's technique and dramaturgy, in collaboration with various international institutions.


    Members of Altamira Studio Teater:

    Domenico Mannelli (musician/actor)

    Sara Moscardini (actress)

    Alice Occhiali (actress)

    Valerio Peroni (actor)

    Pierangelo Pompa (director)

    Barbara Tholozan (actress/musician)

    External collaborators:

    Mbalou Arnould (actress/musician)

    Maria Ridder (actress)

    Niels Christian Brinth (costumes/actor)




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    4.000 DKK (about 535 Euro) for the workshop including spartan lodging at Odin Teatret, free access to services (kitchen, laundry and internet), use of working venues and stage equipment.



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    Applications must reach Odin Teatret within 5 June 2015

    The above application form must be filled and sent to

    and marked THE END OF THE WORLD



    The fee must be paid within 12 June, once you have received confirmation of selection




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