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Video Installation


50 years - a gift to Odin Teatret from Stefano Di Buduo


In his video installation Vision of Odin Stefano Di Buduo picks up Eugenio Barba's metaphoric definition of performance as a "tightly woven net, which we must break through in order to liberate, in an unforeseen moment, fragments of our past and of our experiences". Di Buduo builds up a scenario made of nature elements (fire and water: waves, rain and snow), graphical and architectural animations, which evoke the fugacity of theatre. Here is where almost all figures and scenes of the plays of Odin's 50 years long history fly in, they emerge and disappear. Relations are shown, but also new references and constellations are created. The characters and figures of the circa 150 chosen pictures have been almost imperceptibly animated by Di Buduo through the use of the parallax effect, bringing them back to life. This is the particularity of the installation: static photos become alienated film sequences, which are interspersed with Eugenio Barba's quotations.

Visual artist Stefano Di Buduo uses 3 wide angle projectors for his 14 minutes installation, whose images are seamlessly aligned and so generate a 16m around a corner projection surface, which generate the illusion of a single huge picture.



Aesop Studio is a young company specialised in multimedia, film and video art. The young video artists and filmmakers produce film, documentaries and trailers. Furthermore they organise multimedia festivals and workshops and they design video set-ups in collaboration with national and international theatres. Their artistic career has made it possible to expand their experience in countries like Denmark, India, Iran, Brazil, and Argentina. Stefano Di Buduo is the director of the company.


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