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Barters & Interventions


Abroad and at home, Odin Teatret has developed a particular performance situation based on cultural exchange, which we call BARTER. During a BARTER, Odin Teatret's actors present their work to a specific milieu which, in return, pays with expressions from its own culture: songs, music and dances, biographical accounts, games, food samples, etc. A BARTER is a social interaction that functions in spite of language barriers and cultural differences. A BARTER may take place in crowded urban districts or isolated rural zones, among immigrants, specific ethnic or religious minorities, in hospitals, community centres, prisons, schools, with the fire brigade, the police, a rock club, rappers, a church and its parishioners, the patients of a mental asylum, the children in a kindergarten, etc. A BARTER includes elements that are not necessarily artistic in themselves, but acquire a theatrical value and function, such as sports events, religious ceremonies, fish auctions, military exercises and manoeuvres. A BARTER revitalises the bonds of a professional, religious, ethnical or random community, inducing the feeling of a shared identity versus the 'foreigners' - the actors and their culture.


THEATRICAL INTERVENTIONS are the numerous activities which involve the entire Odin Teatret or just a few actors. These range from a planned yet unexpected parade surprising people in the street for a spontaneous collective theatre experience, to the opening of a cultural centre, the singing of a birthday song to a deserving citizen, visiting a friend of the theatre, welcoming a guest at the train station or enlivening a political meeting.



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