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Odin Teatret with performances and special activities at its doorstep in Holstebro February-April 2009

From 1st February - 30th April 2009 Odin Teatret will be concentrating all its activities to the local area in Holstebro and Mid-West Jutland, where the theatre has its home. Activity levels will be geared towards creating a different and more active contact than normally - when it comes to theatre - with communities, groups and citizens who live and work in the Central and West Jutland. This means: Establish a relationship with the spectators, beyond the performances' artistic community, and involving other aspects than those which come up during a performance.

The normal function of a theatre is most commonly considered to be theatre performances - to be an art form. But a theatre is also an environment of embodied knowledge and complex experiences, and does not have to limit itself to the performance in order to reach and exchange with other people and environments.

If you ask yourself what theatre also is beyond the performance, the answer could be:

A cultural environment in possession of a diversity of knowledge:

• expressive communication
• non-verbal information
• contact and development of relationships   
• physical presence and decisiveness
• participation and group dynamics
• tacit knowledge and transmission
• ideo-plastic processes (the ability to turn thoughts and feelings into disciplined actions and


• practical and artistic objectives

• intercultural collaboration

• planning and realisation

• management and networking


Odin Teatret plan to use the perspective of the interference over the period mentioned above in various environments in Holstebro. This activity implies the use of the theatre's skills and know-how in the context of schools, hospitals, offices, factories, homes for the elderly, professional groups, ethnical minorities, neighbourhoods and villages, without necessarily making use of performance. After previous agreement, representatives of these environments, in small or large groups, will be "disturbed" by theatre disorder. They will be introduced to the particular aspect of theatrical know-how which is most appropriate for them. This meeting will happen both in their respective places of work and at Odin Teatret.

In the programme below you will find a description of each activity. Some activities are organised for particular environments and not accessible for the general public. This is clearly indicated in the programme.


Where an activity is repeated in the programme, it is described in detail the first time it occurs, and then subsequently mentioned only by title, date and time.

We reserve the right to make changes.


On 2nd, 16th and 23rd February at 15.30 - 17.00: A Different Kind of Training
Venue: Odin Teatret
Only for registered participants

A team of approx. 20 young people (13-14 year olds) from the YMCA 2nd boys handball team in Holstebro will be working three afternoons with an actress from Odin Teatret to experience a different kind of physical exercise.

Theatre is a relationship with others, as is handball. You are on stage with other people whom you need to keep in touch with. You must concentrate on what you're doing right now. You need to be prepared to react in the right way in a given situation, be able to turn your thoughts into action. At the same time, your effort depends on your physical and mental shape. Athletes and actors work in public. In other words: in front of spectators. This can be a challenge but also a source of stress, if you are unable to focus your mental awareness as well as your body. This ability is needed if we are to keep thoughts at a distance, thoughts that so easily arise like what we could have done better seconds before and what we can do in a moment.

The actors' training at Odin Teatret has always been physical and includes exercises, which help develop body awareness. This training can also be helpful for athletes. Roberta Carreri from Odin Teatret and Erling Kristensen from the YMCA boys team have taken up this challenge. The boys and their parents will have the opportunity to see the Odin Teatret performance "Andersen's Dream" on the 19th February.

On 5th February at 20.00: Poetry on a Thursday - Omar Khajjâm Evening: poet Lars Skinnebach
Also: 5th March: poet Henrik Nordbrandt and 2nd April: students from Forfatterskolen in Copenhagen (school for writers)
Live words with live poets - poetry in all shapes

Venue: Knudsens, Nørregade 40, Holstebro (5th February and 5th March) and Musikteatret, Den Røde Plads 16, Holstebro (2nd April)
Entrance: 60 DKK - for students and pensioners: 25 DKK

Together with other institutions in Holstebro - Holstebro Gymnasium (high school), Holstebro Library, Musikteatret (music theatre), Arnold Busck Bookstore, Holstebro Handelsskole (business school) and Holstebro Art Museum - Odin Teatret will organise three nights around three Danish poets (5th March five students from the Forfatterskolen (school for writers) in Copenhagen), where the public is invited to experience the Danish language, shaped and sculptured by a poet. But the words of the poets will not stand alone. Their sounds, colours and meanings are clarified and put into perspective by other activities during the evening: a local person from Holstebro will read some of his/her favourite poems thereby sharing his/her personal, linguistic inspirations. The author of this month's poem, selected from among the poems submitted from locals by invitation from the organisers, is encouraged to read his/her poem to those present.

On every "Poetry on a Thursday - Omar Khajjâm-evening" at least four rubâijât will be read out aloud. The poems by the Persian poet Omar Khâjjâm who lived from 1048 - 1131 and who, in addition to being a poet, was also a philosopher, mathematician, astronomer and a mystic, were often written in rubâijât form. The poems are read by an Iranian, who lives in Holstebro. Those present will have the opportunity to hear - and enjoy - the music of the language in which the poetry was created. The poems will also be read in Danish - and other languages if possible.

Very important are the musical features which changes each time. The music can be supplied by the Odin Teatret Husorkester (house orchestra), students from the Musikskolen in Holstebro as well as other musicians from Holstebro and elsewhere. The genres are rhythmic music from around the world, jazz and classical. Last but not least - an important ingredient in the evening's scenario is the serving of a glass of wine. This idea was inspired by the fact that Omar Khâjjâm passionately enjoyed the pleasures of wine, and he mentions wine in numerous contexts in his poems. There is a pause during the evening, when those present will have the opportunity to purchase poetry books from Arnold Busck - a rich selection at very attractive prices.

During a "Poetry on a Thursday - Omar Khajjâm-evening" an unusually stimulating and enriching environment is created, obtained through the unique intensity which poetry brings and the presence music establishes. All this is rounded off to perfection through the light gravity of wine.

"Poetry on a Thursday - Omar Khajjâm-night" 5th February will be with Lars Skinnebach, who is one of the most prominent among young Danish poets.

"Poetry on a Thursday - Omar Khajjâm-night" is supported by Holstebro Municipality, Den Danske Bank Initiativpulje, Forfattercentrum and the organisers.

On 6th February at: 10.00, 12.00 and 15.00: The Enchanted Maze
Open House at Odin Teatret in the form of a journey into the inner depths of the theatre
Those who are interested can experience the physical space of Odin Teatret, which for this occasion has been magically transformed into a performance itself.

From the age of 6 and up. Booking required 97 42 47 77 from Monday to Friday between 9 - 15 or by email:
Groups from schools and institutions are accepted in groups
Venue: Odin Teatret
Free admission

At 15.30 - 17.00: Open House - make your own journey through Odin Teatret
Everyone is welcome to visit the house of Odin Teatret.

Odin Teatret open its doors to the citizens of Holstebro - come and see both the known and the more remote parts of the house, which on this occasion has been turned into an "Enchanted Labyrinth".

For this "Open House Day" Odin Teatret has worked on its rooms, according to the principle of interference and transformed the theatre into one large scene where - besides the famous theatre halls - all storage spaces, toilets, the library, corridors, rooms and the courtyard, will be transformed into one large performance -  a kingdom of possibilities and a springboard of dreams.

On 9th February at 9.30: Artistic Intro - Interference between the suggestive language of a performance and the pedagogical work tools
Venue: VIA University College Campus Holstebro, Gl. Struervej 1
Everyone is welcome

At the morning session at VIA University College Campus Holstebro, Odin Teatret will appear and surprise those present with a colourful and festive parade of unusual characters and music.

Besides the moment of entertainment the parade will also serve as an announcement and invitation for the students and teachers to attend one of the three performances of "Andersen's Dream" which Odin Teatret will be presenting for VIA on the 16th, 17th and 18th February at 10.00

After each performance the spectators will have the opportunity to meet with director Eugenio Barba and some of the actors to exchange views on interference between the imaginative, suggestive language of the performance and the pedagogical work tools.

On 10th February: Adventure in the Air
Pensioners "in a twirl" with Odin Teatret
Venue: Various locations in Holstebro

Several groups of pensioners and senior clubs will be reading fairy tales and stories on which the Odin Teatret performance "Andersen's Dream" is based, prior to their visit to Odin Teatret, where they will see "Andersen's Dream". Events where local politicians, cultural figures, librarians and amateur actors will read the fairytales aloud in clubs and activity centres at their morning coffee breaks will be organised. The contents will be discussed.

After the performances the pensioners will be given a guided tour of Odin Teatret and also have the opportunity to meet and talk to Eugenio Barba and the actors to exchange Danish songs, both in their traditional arrangement and arranged by Odin Teatret.

On 10th February at 14.00: Andersen's Dream
Odin Teatret Ensemble Performance
Also presented on: 12th, 16th -19th, 23rd-27th February (23rd-27th February are sold out), 2nd -5th, 7th and 24th March at different times in the day.
Venue: Odin Teatret
Tickets: 100 and 50 DKK

"Andersen's Dream" was created in 2004 on the occasion of the 200 anniversary of Hans Christian Andersen. The performance was supported by the Hans Christian Andersen 2005 Foundation.

"Andersen's Dream" is based on a dream that Hans Christian Andersen had on 26th September 1874 and which he wrote down in his diary. In his dream the king invites him to go sailing on his ship, but Andersen is delayed and must hurry as fast as he can down to the port. He arrives - only to see the ship take off. He has barely recovered from the disappointment before he in a few moments is brutally pushed down into the cargo of another ship. To his dismay, he discovers that he has ended up among the slaves on a slave ship.

The complex scenography and integrated spectator seating, is an experience in itself, created by the Italian architect Luca Ruzza. Eugenio Barba has directed the performance and the whole Odin Teatret ensemble attend.

On 11th February at 19.30: Ode to Progress
The Odin Teatret family show and the songs and music of a village community - shared experiences
Venue: Bøvling Idrætsefterskole, Høvsørevej 13, 7650 Bøvlingbjerg
Tickets: 80 DKK
"Ode to progress" is a family show, in which huldrefolket - the hidden people of elves, trolls, imaginary animals, fairies and gnomes as they celebrate the entrance of homo sapiens-sapiens at the beginning of the new millennium.


Odin Teatret presents the performance and people from the villages Bøvling and Fjaltring respond with songs and music, which they in cooperation have prepared for the occasion. The town orchestra of Fjaltring will play and the Gospel Choir from Bøvling will sing. People from the two villages will meet up with the actors again on the 24th March, but this time at Odin Teatret to see "Andersen's Dream".

On 12th February at 17.00: Andersen's Dream and a barter with the Tamils of Holstebro
Venue: Odin Teatret
Only invited participants

A large group of people who have their origin in Sri Lanka now live in Holstebro. They fled from a civil war ravaging their country and have found peace here in Holstebro. Their behaviour is the same as many others having to settle in a foreign country. As the Danes who emigrated to the United States and Argentina: they cherish their culture and identity, while participating in the pleasures and obligations of their new community. They sing and play the songs and music from their home country, remembering dances and religious festivals. Odin Teatret has a long tradition of travelling and meeting foreign cultures, looking, listening and learning, and attempting to give something in return. It is time to do the same in our home town, here at our theatre. Together with Pusparajah Sinnathamby, a longstanding employee at Odin Teatret, and the Chairman of the Tamil Association Maheswaran Ponnampalam, we have organised an evening where Odin Teatret performs "Andersen's Dream" for the Tamil families and individuals, who in turn entertains with food, music, dancing and singing.

On 12th - 13th February: The International Yehudi Menuhin Foundation
Odin Teatret in collaboration with an international cultural institution

An international aspect of the Odin Teatret interference idea is being developed in cooperation with the internationally highly respected cultural institution, The International Yehudi Menuhin Foundation, Brussels, which is an expert on cultural cooperation and expressive communication. With a future, joint development project, the Odin Teatret has invited representatives of this organisation for a two-day meeting in Holstebro to present the activities of the theatre and to organise meetings between them and artists and institutions from the region.

The International Yehudi Menuhin Foundation was founded by the legendary violinist, Yehudi Menuhin, in 1991, to direct attention to the fundamental link between politics, culture and education as important factors for the development of the individual as well as the society. Building on the legacy of Yehudi Menuhin humanistic vision, the institution strive to give voice to all the diverse cultures of Europe. At the meeting The International Yehudi Menuhin Foundation will be represented by Marianne Poncelet and Thierry Van Roy, leaders of the Foundation.

On 17th February at 10.00: Andersen's Dream
Venue: Odin Teatret
Tickets: 100 and 50 DKK

On 17th February: Let Your Body Feel Theatre
One day at Odin Teatret - Young people from all over Denmark, who are interested in theatre, will have the opportunity to experience theatre with their body and soul.
Only for registered participants:
17th February: Move'n Act; 2nd March: Vostrup Efterskole and Drying Gymnasium; 3rd March: Favrskov Gymnasium, Hald Ege Efterskole and Gedved HF, 4 March: Efterskolen Ådalen, Paderup Gymnasium, and two actors from the theatre Katapult, Århus.

Odin Teatret will open its doors to young people interested in theatre and offer them a one day course, an insight into theatre work. During the day the students will experience what it means to be present in the moment with body and mind, and they will learn to create presence through a pre-arranged series of physical actions. In addition, the young people will go on a journey of discovery through the landscape of the voice and find the wealth of rhythms and sounds that are not reflected in everyday speech. And last but not least, the participants will be given the opportunity to see the performance "Andersen's Dream".

On 19th February at 20.00: Andersen's Dream
Venue: Odin Teatret
Tickets: 100 and 50 DKK

On 21st February: The First Stone
Venue: Odin Teatret
Only for registered participants

International meeting between theatre researchers on the occasion of the UNESCO Year of Jerzy Grotowski. Jerzy Grotowski, the world famous Polish theatre director, who died 10 years ago in 1999.

On 23rd -27th February: Is it Andersen or is it Odin Teatret?
Holstebro Gymnasium & HF sees "Andersen's Dream" and more
Venue: Odin Teatret
Only for registered participants

What happens when everyone in a large environment like Holstebro Gymnasium has had the same experience? What happens when all high school teachers and students prior to the experience have been introduced to the various subjects which the performance "Andersen's Dream" is based on?
Both the students and teachers of Holstebro Gymnasium will see the Odin Teatret performance "Andersen's Dream" and subsequently meet the director, Eugenio Barba and the actors to exchange opinions and impressions about the performance.

From 23rd February until 21st March: International Theatre Interventions in Holstebro
Venue: Around in Holstebro

A group of actors from different countries, who participated in Holstebro Festuge (Festive Week) in 2008 as "Jasonites" (Jason's followers) and subsequently the Odin Teatret performance "The Marriage of Medea", will return to Holstebro, where every day they will turn up at unexpected places with small theatrical performances; for a moment breaking the daily rhythm.

On 5th March at 12.00: Andersen's Dream

Venue: Odin Teatret
Tickets: 100 and 50 DKK

On 5th March at 12.00: Andersen's Dream
The technique behind the dream

Venue: Odin Teatret

Agricultural students from Holstebro Agricultural School, as well as apprentices (blacksmiths, carpenters, joiners and electricians) from Holstebro Technical School are invited to see the performance "Andersen's Dream" with a subsequent tour of the scenography. The students meet up with the Odin Teatret technicians who explain and demonstrate the complex scenography, the structure, scenic lights and unorthodox mechanical engineering.

On 5th March at 20.00: Poetry on a Thursday - Omar Khajjâm-Evening: poet Henrik Nordbrandt
Venue: Knudsens, Nørregade 40, Holstebro
Tickets: 60 and 25 DKK

On 7th March at 15.00: Andersen's Dream
Venue: Odin Teatret
Tickets: 100 and 50 DKK

On 12th March: The Great Cities under the Moon
Venue: Plexus (the new Idom-Raasted Culture House), Idomlundvej, Idom

Odin Teatret's performance "The Great Cities Under the Moon" will visit the village Idom outside Holstebro. Based on the poets whose texts are being used in the performances and the cities mentioned, the three eldest classes at Idom-Raasted School have been given the task, by using the internet, to search for further information on cities such as Guernica, Grozny, Dresden, etc. and to download images and texts on cities at war. They are also asked to write short poems or texts inspired by what they read. Pictures, poems and texts will be displayed on a wall in Plexus as an introduction to the performance.
After the performance the children will read from the wall, accompanied by the classical trio, Trio Constance, from Holstebro.

On 16th - 19th March: Vemb - a town in the centre of the outskirts and in the heart of the periphery
Venue: Various places in Vemb

A collaborative project carried out throughout the village of Vemb to create new social contacts and challenge time-honoured rules, old habits and rooted ideas. The people of Vemb will in collaboration with Odin Teatret attempt to restore and expand the understanding of the local history, traditions and the roots of the tree of history and through theatre, music, visual arts, dance and story telling concretize dreams and create something unique and beautiful, something which all involved can be proud of.

The four days of work are used to implement a number of activities with volunteers, school, kindergarten, choir, church, the institution Mariebjerg and several others. On the 19th March the results will be displayed and celebrated. Everyone is welcome!

On 24th March at 20.00: Andersen's Dream
Venue: Odin Teatret
Tickets: 100 and 50 DKK

On 24th March - 2nd April: Odin Week - International Seminar
Pedagogical interference

Odin Week is an international and practical seminar, which Odin Teatret organises for all who are interested in acquiring a better knowledge of its activities. The approx. 50 participants engage in physical training as well as training of the voice and work. They participate in the daily work of Odin Teatret, and they meet with both the actors and director - Eugenio Barba - about various issues relating to the theatre work. In addition, all Odin Teatret performances are presented publicly during the seminar. Roberta Carreri leads the Odin Week.
The Odin Week 2009 will, among the participants have a team of students from the Department of Theater Arts, Taipei National University of The Arts, Taiwan, and young actors from a Brazilian theatre group.

On 2nd April at 20.00: Poetry on a Thursday - Omar Khajjâm Evening: students from Forfatterskolen in Copenhagen (school for writers)
Venue: Musikteatret, Den Røde Plads16, Holstebro
Tickets: 60 and 25 DKK

On 14th - 30th April: The Odin Teatret performances SALT, ESTER'S BOOK and ITSI BITSI will be visiting neighbouring cities in the region.

Details to follow …

On 24th - 28th April: The Opera EZRA, composed and directed by Frans Winther from Odin Teatret
Venue: Det Kgl. Teater - Takkeloftet, Ekvipagemestervej 10, 1438 København K (The Royal Theatre)

The opera "Ezra" about the politically incorrect, American poet Ezra Pound, one of the  20th century greatest lyrical minds - premiered during Holstebro Festuge 2005 (festive week).



Poet Peter Laugesen, Libretto

Rebecca Forsberg, mezzo-soprano

Jakob Bloch, bass-baritone

Anastasiya Mykhaylychenko (a young 15 year old girl from Holstebro), story teller

Ensemble MidtVest

Scenic Space: Jan de Neergaard

Technique: Per Bech Jensen





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