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50 years

Odin Teatret

50 years


In December 2013 Odin Teatret sent this invitation to the more than 10.000 people of its mailing list:



To you who belong to the secret people of the Odin.

Over time I have often been asked: how has Odin Teatret managed to remain together for fifty years? How has each person of the group succeeded in realising that which has a personal meaning without yielding to deception, to the changes, the demands, the enthusiasms and the fashions of the spirit of the time?

My answer has always been: thanks to the secret people of the Odin, our friends. You have been one of the decisive factors for our economic and artistic autonomy. You, our friends, have invited not only our performances or have convinced others to do so, but you have accomplished miracles to find money and to invent circumstances for unimaginable adventures: the encounters of the Third Theatre's groups, the sessions of ISTA, our pioneering International School of Theatre Anthropology, our barters in the most unexpected places. With your faithful presence and commitment you have reminded us of the value of our actions in your lives.

On Sunday 22 June 2014 Odin Teatret will celebrate its 50th anniversary with CLEAR ENIGMA. It is a performance dedicated to you who belong to the secret people. We have created it thinking of each one of you who has accompanied and protected us with your affection and loyalty.

We will perform CLEAR ENIGMA only once in our theatre in Holstebro at six in the evening. It will take place after the conclusion of the Festuge, a week of festivities happening from 14 to 22 June in which Odin Teatret , local associations, institutions and individual citizens ally themselves to theatricalise their community, revitalise its ties and honour its differences.

We await you, let us know if you will come.

Eugenio and all of us from Odin Teatret

Holstebro, 15.12.2013



845 people replied that they would like to come and join in the Odin festivities. Due to the lack of places for the performance, only the first 500 applicants were accepted (see list >>>).


Sunday 22 June 2014 at the end of the 9th Holstebro Festuge (Festive Week), Odin Teatret celebrated its fiftieth anniversary with a trilogy entitled MEASURING TIME.



If the Grain Wheat Does Not Die

Holstebro Lystanlæg (Park), 11:15 am



Clear Enigma

Odin Teatret's garden. 4pm



Alexander's Secret

Odin Teatret's courtyard 9pm


(more information>>>)




Already in 2011 festivals, theatres and journals began to commemorate in advance Odin Teatret's fiftieth anniversary with various initiatives and projects.



GOIÂNIA, BRAZIL, 10-14 February

Special event dedicated to Odin Teatret 50th years and Theatre Anthropology under the 9th Meeting of Actors and ..... Encontro de Atores Criadores organised by Grupo Sonhus Teatro Ritual with Odin Teatrt's workshops, work demonstrations, performances and master classes. Full programme>>>





In the period 7-18 February the Catedra Permanente Jerzy Grotowski of the University of Unarte in Caracas will celebrate Odin Teatret's fiftieth anniversary with a programme including 11 performances of 6 different plays, one barter, 10 work demonstrations, 9 workshops, 7 lectures/meetings, 2 master classes, the screening of 6 films and the presentation of their books by the Odin director and actors.



The special issue of Studia Dramatica (1/2014 March), Universitatis Babeş-Bolyai, is dedicated to E. Barba and Odin Teatret's 50 years.  Read the full Special Edtion here >> PDF-format 458 pages


AARHUS, DENMARK 7-12 April 2014.

Bora Bora Dance and Visual Theatre and the Dramaturgy Institute of the University of Århus have marked the 50th anniversary of Odin Teatret with a week of performances, working demonstrations, lectures and seminars. On the same occasion two new books were presented: Bricks to Build a TeaterlaboratoriumOdin Teatret and Chr. Ludvigsen by Franco Perrelli (Turin University, Italy), which stresses Chr. Ludvigsen's role  in moving Odin Teatret from Norway to Holstebro and his importance in inspiring The Danish Ministry of Culture to pass a new theatre law. The second book, Odin Teatret: et verdens teater, edited by Exe Christoffersen (Århus University, Denmark)  is a collection of essays by Danish poets, artists, anthropologists, critics and writers about their collaboration with Odin Teatret. FULL PROGRAMME >>>


SPAIN, May 2014

The magazine PRIMER ACTO dedicate the May 2014 issue to Odin Teatret's anniversary.


WROCLAW, POLONIA, 1-7 September

To mark the Odin Teatre's 50th Anniversary, the Grotowski Institute organises an Odin Festival, a six-day intensive introduction to Odin Teatret's training and working methods as well as barter and performances.
For the occasion The Grotowski Institute publish Tysiac i jedna noc - Zwiazki Odin Teatret z Polska, a book dedicated to Odin's 50 years.


PUGLIA, ITALY, September




Planned from 9 September to 6 October in various towns in

Lecce, Carpignano and Gallipoli,

Puglia, Italy



Odin Teatret from Holstebro, Denmark, will celebrate its 50 years of activity in 2014.

Founded and directed by Eugenio Barba, Odin Teatret is still today fully operational, a testimony of the great theatre revolution that has meaningfully accompanied the birth of a new Europe.

Eugenio Barba, an Italian, has gathered around him artists and scholars from various European countries, making an exceptional cultural community grow.

Author of performances that have left their mark on contemporary theatre history,

Eugenio Barba is one of the most significant theoreticians for the development of twentieth century theatre.

Barba, who was born in Brindisi and grew up in Gallipoli in Puglia, has not forgotten his native roots, even though his theatre activity has brought him to every corner of the world.

For all these reasons the Municipality of Gallipoli intends to confer on him honorary citizenship in 2014. Eugenio Barba is grateful for this recognition, but has suggested that this honour be granted not only to him but to the whole artistic and intellectual community of the Odin.

On this occasion, we propose to initiate a project to be realized next year in Puglia, culminating with a two-week Odin Festival in Gallipoli with pedagogical activities, international encounters, initiatives in the local community and performances.

This project, to be defined in collaboration with various places in Puglia, would include some of Odin Teatret's most significant performances as well as a series of artistic and intellectual confrontations and debates bringing together personalities from the cultures of different countries. Odin Teatret's presence would represent a catalyst to interweave and realise ideas and proposals coming from Puglia's creative and academic environments animated by an identical spirit of openness and exchange.

The main collaborators and witnesses of Odin Teatret's story would arrive from all five continents to a "European party" in the name of culture, peace and a reciprocal exchange of knowledge.

The 50 years of Odin Teatret will be the fiftieth anniversary of the new Europe in which dreams can still come true and hopes be fulfilled. It is in the name of Puglia that our Region wants to testify to its resourceful force and contribution to shape the future, thanks to Eugenio Barba and all his compatriots who have worked and work in Europe and in the world.


Initiative Committee: Emanuele AMORUSO (sociologist), Raffaele COPPOLA (University professor), Egidio Pani, (writer, theatre critic), Franco PERRELLI (University professor), Salvatore TRAMACERE (theatre director).

Programme >>>




On 25 January 2013 in Havana the UNEAC, Unión de Escritores y Artistas de Cuba, bestowed on Odin Teatret the International Raquel Revuelta Prize on the occasion of its approaching fiftieth anniversary with the following motivation:


The Unión de Escritores y Artistas de Cuba confers on Odin Teatret from Denmark the International Raquel Revuelta Prize with the following motivation:

For the innovative and fecund aspects of its work introduced into Cuban theatre since the  beginnings of the 1980s; as the only group from the 1960s in the landscape of the post avant-garde world which is still active  as an artistically alive entity; because thanks to its generosity, dozens of actors, directors, playwrights and Cuban scholars have for more than 25 years enjoyed and benefitted from the best possibilities of professional exchange; for organising tours and facilitating the sojourn of Cuban groups in foreign countries; for the vast bibliography of Odin Teatret's directors and actors  as authors who have been published in our country. Finally as a living symbol of contemporary theatre renewal and, above all, because they are generous friends.


ROME, ITALY 16 February - 17 March

Emphasising Odin Teatret's constant influence in world theatre during almost half a century, an unusual alliance was forged in Rome between la Fondazione Musica per Roma - Auditorium Parco della Musica and Teatro Vascello in collaboration with the following theatre groups and schools: Abraxa Teatro, Argot Studio, Casa dei teatri, Centrale Preneste Teatro, Divano occidentale-orientale, Eutheca and Teatro Potlach. The two Universities of Rome, Roma Uno (La Sapienza) and Roma Tre also participated in the one-month long range of activities.

The programme included 23 performances, 9 work demonstrations, 3 master classes, 7 workshops, 5 lectures, 6 barters, the screening of videos and films and athe presentation of their books by the Odin director and actors.





José Luís Gómez, director of Teatro La  Abadía in Madrid, took the initiative to commemorate the approaching half century anniversary by inviting "Odin Teatret's next- to-last  performance". The Chronic Life played for two weeks in June within the framework of the Festival de Otoño in Primavera, and was accompanied by several workshops and a public dialogue between José Luis Gómez and Eugenio Barba that was published in the Italian journal "Teatro e Storia " no. 4, 2012.





The Festival of Cali (1- 24 April) was devoted almost entirely to Odin Teatret. The programme included 19 performances of three different plays, 9 work demonstrations, 4 workshops and 5 films on Odin activity in Latin America.

The journal 'Memoria de teatro', also published by the Festival, dedicated a whole issue 9. with articles and essays to the visits and collaborations of Odin Teatret in Colombia and Latin America, including an appendix of more than fifty letters by theatre artists from this continent who wrote about their close ties with the Odin.



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Books and Magazines

dedicated to Odin Teatret's 50th years >>>


Among others: Teatro e Storia (Italy); Tysiac i jedna noc - Zwiazki Odin Teatret z Polska (Poland); [Extra-Daily] Poesi på en torsdag (Denmark); Studia Dramatica (Romania); Primer Acto (Spain); Memoria de teatro (Colombia) ... read more here>>>



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Among others: Maria Shevtsova, NTQ; Exe Christoffersen, Teater 1;

Omar Valiño, ; Carlos Gil, Artezblai; Jacob Rubin, Weekend avisen; George Banu, Festivalul Sibiu; Anne Middelboe, Information... read more here>>>





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