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Re -Think Theatre

Re -Think Theatre



In this project theatre is used as an act of creating meetings, reflections and relations between individuals. Theatre is more than cultural entertainment and artistic experience: it's a tool for individuals, communities and townships to interact, explore new points of perceptions and establish new relationships.


With Re-Think Theatre we use theatre to rethink living contact.  The essence of theatre depends on living contact and the essence of living contact is based on human meetings, exchange and in discovering relations.


Re-Think Theatre operates with three main projects in an interactive and transformative frameset of "living relations":


-          The Festive Week:  A great nine days event in the city of Holstebro that involves and rests on the shoulders of the citizens of the town.  Centered around theatre, more than 100 institutions, associations and organizations become a part of a grand co-creation in a celebration of social meetings of local citizens and professional international theatre artists.


-          The Transit Festival for women in theatre: An international festival and meeting for women in theatre organized in Odin Teatret. Various women and performances from all over the world come together in order to present their performances, share their vision and experience in relation to the specific theme of the festival.


-          Artistic Residencies: Odin Teatret's unique feature is to embrace the growth of a permanent milieu of collaborators from various countries. We hosts artists, scholars, theatres and dance groups and offer them to create, share and perform side by side to the theatre's artists and intercultural navigators.










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