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Since 2009 Odin Teatret and Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium have been developing as two complementary and autonomous environments, with different fields of action and collaborations. While Odin Teatret includes all the activities of the Odin actors directed by Eugenio Barba, Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium comprises permanent and intermittent residences, co- productions, workshops and transformances with groups and single artists who are independent from Odin Teatret, such as Altamira Laboratory, The Jasonites, DOO (Divano Occidentale Orientale), The Masakini Theatre, Ingrid Hvass, Deborah Hunt, Carolina Pizarro and others.


The groups or single artists who work within the framework of Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium all have a long-time connection with Odin Teatret, at the same time as they have maintained their own autonomous organisations and activities. Julia Varley, Søren Kjems and Per Bech Jensen are responsible for the Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium


The aim of Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium's residences, co-productions, workshops and transformances is:


a) to keep alive an artistic environment with a strong connection to Holstebro and its inhabitants, schools, cultural associations and different subcultures;


b) to offer learning opportunities and a field of experience to theatre practitioners as intercultural navigators able to interact with different subcultures in a community;


c) to encourage exchange among professionals concerning their craft;


d) to spread information nationally and internationally about the co-productions created within Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium's framework;


e) to think of and realise theatre initiatives beyond the traditional boundaries of a stage.



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