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NTL Co-Productions

The Woman Who Spit Out the Apple


NTL co-production with Nucleoantuna


"The Woman Who Spit Out the Apple" is the third edition of Rosa Antuña's Feminist Trilogy. The trilogy incorporates her premiere solo "Wild Woman," which debuted in 2010, and her second solo entitled "The Dress" which debuted in 2014.


The novel, "The Bed on the Balcony" by Brazilian author Regina Navarro Lins, was one of the inspirations in creating this work. To elaborate on her project, Rosa Antuña took up an Artist Residency at the Odin Theater in Holstebro, Denmark, where she was directed by the renowned actress Roberta Carreri in December of 2014.


The work covers many issues surrounding women's gender roles throughout history and in our current society.  This work evokes questions about the expectations we place on women in their personal and professional lives including romantic relationships, the frustrations of life, disappointments, and the unattainable standards of the female condition.


This project is a manifestation of dance, theater, performance, and spoken word and the continuity of research that Rosa Antuña has been developing since 2003.





Concept and Performance: Rosa Antuña

Director: Roberta Carreri

Costume: Rosa Antuña

Music Compilation: Rosa Antuña

Lighting Designer and Technician: Sidney Honório

Photography  Marco Aurélio Prates

English Translation: Alicia-Lynn Castro

Press Administrator: Duda Las Casas

Production: Mario Nascimento Dance Company and Herivelto Campos

Support: Studio It, Andrea Mourão's Pilates Studio

Acknowledgement: Mário Nascimento, Elaine Reis, Andrea Mourão



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