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NTL Workshops

In the framework of
M.I.R. - Mayor in Residence
conceived and directed by
Giuseppe L. Bonifati (IT)

with the inclusive participation of local schools, associations, cultural & artistic institutions
Municipality of Holstebro/Region of Midtylland (DK)

with the support of
Holstebro Kommune


DOO performing arts group / NTL Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium




Education Session

7 - 15 February 2016 (including arrival and departure)



A one week workshop at Odin Teatret, in the organization of Divano occidentale Orientale performing arts group, led by Giuseppe L. Bonifati & Linda Sugataghy, consisting of physical training, theatre interference & urban actions in town.

GIUSEPPE L. BONIFATI and LINDA SUGATAGHY are two artists from Italy and Hungary who intend to live as candidates for Mayor, under the names of JEPPE AND FIRST LADY, between January 2016 and June 2017 in the city of Holstebro. The purpose is an artistic and esthetic interaction between the citizens and Mayor Jeppe and First Lady. Each month the two artists will concentrate on a specific theme, for example economy, education, health, environment, public works or housing. The project will culminate and end during the Holstebro Festuge in June 2017. The Spanish performer ALBERTO M. GUINALDO is a permanent collaborator and he will participate in these monthly events.


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The name of the "Mayor Jeppe's" party is KUNSTPARTIET. The aim of Kunst Partiet is THE PURSUIT OF BEAUTY THROUGH ART. Kunstpartiet is an artistic project and wants to show the hidden side of politics and expose the transformative power of imagination when realized through an audacious artistic policy. Kunstpartiet's candidate for Mayor is JEPPE. Together with his First Lady, JEPPE will live in a invented reality which combines the artistic (the superfluous which illuminates daily life) and the social (the worries of daily life). JEPPE and Linda will make visible their life as a couple and, at the same time, will interact with the town's citizens according to the conventions of art and fantasy.

The activities will end during Holstebro Festuge, long before the real election campaign of 2017 starts in Holstebro.



The deadline for applications is the 30 of January 2016

To apply, please send the filled application form below to the email address




1875,00 DKK (about 200 Euro) for the workshop, including lodging in the Odin guest house, free access to services (kitchen, laundry and internet), use of working venues and stage equipment. The application fee is to be paid once you have received confirmation of selection. Participants will be requested to help with practical tasks inside the theatre, including daily cleaning.


20-30 June 2016 | Job Politics | with Alberto M. Guinaldo (SP) & Giuseppe L. Bonifati (IT)
3-15 September 2016 | Art & Int. relations | with Ashai Lombardo Arop & Giuseppe Bonifati (IT)





Giuseppe L. Bonifati
Born in 1985. He's an actor, playwright, poet and theatre director. He's based now in Denmark.

He attended the acting courses at "Paolo Grassi" Civic School of Dramatic Art, then furthered his studies at the National Academy of Dramatic Arts "Silvio D'Amico" and at the International Theatre Workshops by Venice Biennale. He's Artist and Director in residence at Odin Teatret - Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium (Holstebro, Denmark), with which collaborates since 2008. He participated in other residency programs in Europe and America. As actor, he took part in plays directed by Eugenio Barba, Julia Varley, Motus, Renato Carpentieri, Remondi &Caporossi, Ruggero Cappuccio, Andrée Ruth Shammah, Roberto Cavosi, Emanuela Giordano, Giuseppe Maradei. He was awarded with the Crystal Microphone "Umberto Benedetto, 2006, RAI, New voices for radio. In 2011 he won the National Dramaturgy Award "Alessandro Fersen" and he has been chosen among the Young National Talents by Ministry of Youth - Italy. He has been granted in 2015 with DE.MO./MOVIN'UP, by MIBACT Italian Culture Ministry/GAI.
He is the artistic director of the performing arts group DOO - Divano Occidentale Orientale with which he has traveled to Italy, Denmark, Costa Rica, Poland, Hungary, Bosnia, Venezuela, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Iran, Croatia, France, Brazil etc… For the poetry he published Ritratto all'Ombra (2004) and 21:31 (mi sento morire), 2014 by Lietocolle Publisher. The text "Pepe El Bastardo Impaziente e Innamorato" appeared in the theatrical series Percorsi by Editoria&Spettacolo.


Linda Sugataghy

She joined DOO in 2013, and participated since the beginning in the project THE JUDGEMENT. She was present in Holstebro Festuge 2014 as coordinator of the Tri Suari Music Group from Bali (Indonesia) and as performer in the performance "Er Jeg Maren?" with Giuseppe L. Bonifati. In 2015, she assisted the project "Above the Skin" in France, Hungary and Brazil. In 2016 she takes part in the multidisciplinary artistic project Mayor in Residence.






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