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Contact, tours and prices

Contact, tours and prices

Odin Teatret's repertoire includes productions with the whole ensemble (10-12 actors), productions with fewer actors, solo performances and performances/work demonstrations.


The repertoire includes indoor and outdoor performances for 40 to 300 spectators when indoors, and with an unlimited number when outdoors. Some of the indoor performances can be shown on a traditional stage while others need an empty room where the spectators are seated according to a particular stage set which Odin Teatret brings with it.


Odin Teatret's tours may consist of the simple presence of one actor for a single day, or a programme lasting several days including performances as well as workshops and master classes, various activities in the community, film presentations and lectures about management, performing space and group dynamics.


Prices are calculated in working days including the above mentioned activities or others agreed upon with the organisers. They vary from 1,200 Euros net (plus travel and lodging) for one actor, to 11,000 Euros net (plus travel, lodging and cargo transport) for the whole ensemble. These prices may be negotiated according to the duration and content of a project. Prices for multicultural productions with Odin Teatret and Theatrum Mundi performers are established according to duration, number of artists involved and circumstances.

For further information

please contact:


Anne Savage,
Ensemble Tour Manager


or  Odin Teatret




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