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The Tree


Dedicated to Inger Landsted.

The tree of History grows vigorously and dead. Around it, child-soldiers and praying monks dance together with warlords, a wrathful mother, and the daughter of a poet who, as a child, dreamed of flying away with her father.


Two story-tellers introduce and comment upon characters and events: in the Syrian desert two Yazidi monks plant a pear tree to call back the birds that have disappeared; in Nigeria a mother rests under the shadow of the tree of forgetfulness holding in her arms the head of her daughter hidden in a gourd; a European warlord explains the necessity for ethnic cleansing to an African warlord who performs a human sacrifice to make his army of child soldiers invulnerable before leading them into battle; a girl plays with her dolls around the tree her father planted when she was born, wondering how birds see the earth from the air.


The tree of History finally bends under the weight of fruit and offers a home to the birds that are flying over the heads of the spectators. But what kind of birds are they?



Actors: Luis Alonso, Parvathy Baul, I Wayan Bawa, Kai Bredholt, Roberta Carreri, Elena Floris, Donald Kitt, Carolina Pizarro, Fausto Pro, Iben Nagel Rasmussen, Julia Varley.


Scenic space: Luca Ruzza, Odin Teatret

Lighting designer: Lucca Ruzza, OpenLab Company.

Lighting adviser: Jesper Kongshaug

Tree conception and realisation: Giovanna Amoroso and Istvan Zimmermann, Plastikart.

Software programming: Massimo Zomparelli

Costumes and props: Odin Teatret

Poster: Barbara Kaczmarek

Musical director: Elena Floris.

Technical director: Fausto Pro

Puppets: Niels Kristian Brinth, Fabio Butera, Samir Muhamad, I Gusti Made Lod.

Dolls' heads: Signe Herlevsen

Photos: Rina Skeel

Dramaturg: Thomas Bredsdorff

Literary adviser: Nando Taviani

Text: Odin Teatret

Director's assistants: Elena Floris, Julia Varley

Director: Eugenio Barba

Duration: 80 min.

The performance is not suitable for children under the age of 12.


Above text in other languages:

Dansk: TRÆET - Ovenstående tekst på dansk »

Español: EL ARBOL - El texto anterior en español »

Français: L'ABRE - Le texte ci-dessus en français »

Italiano: L'ALBERO - Il testo di cui sopra in italiano »


First performance: Holstebro, 19 September 2016


Production: Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium(Holstebro), The Grotowski Institute/Wroclaw European Capital of Culture 2016 (Poland), The Hungarian National Theatre (Budapest)


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Press - Articles & Reviews


in Danish:

Der ligger et afhugget barnehoved ved min fod,
af Anne Middelboe Christensen (Information, 20-09-2016, Denmark)

Visuelt overflødighedshorn,
af Mette Grith Sørensen (Dagbladet Holstebro, 20-09-2016, Denmark)


in French:


de Véronique Hotte (, 13-05-2018, France)

›  "L'Arbre" au Théâtre du Soleil: l'espoir dans les tenebres

de Sandrine (, 13.05.2018, France)


In Hungarian:

Nemzeti 2016 Sept.(Hungary)

Origo 20-07-2016 (Hungary)


in Italian:

Il bene e il male dell'Odin Teatret,
di Nicola Delnero 17-11-2017 (, Italy)

L'albero secco, la guerra, gli uccelli,
di Massimo Marino 12-10-2017 (, Italy)

Odin Teatret un albero dalle radici forti,

di Andrea Porcheddu 08-10-2017 (, Italy)

Con 'The Tree' l'Odin Teatret racconta la guerra,
di Anna Bandettini (Repubblica, 31-10-2016 Italy)


in Spanish:

Una tierra abandonada por los pájaros,

de Juan Ignacio García Garzón (ABC, 09.02.2018)

Balletindance 10-09-2016 (Argentina)

'El arbol' se impone a la Guerra,
por Jose-Miguel Vila (, 11.02.2018)

'El árbol', Liturgia única,

por Luis M. del Amo (, 12.02.2018)

El árbol en Teatro Abadía,

(por, 13-02-2018)

Eugenio Barba nos trae "El árbol" del dolor y la esperanza,

por Horacio Otheguy Riveira (, 13.02.2018)

Lo que queda del teatro,
por Carlos Gil Zamora (, 18.12.2018)






By Rina Skeel (Rehearsal March 2016):




The Tree_trailer from Odin Teatret on Vimeo: »



19 - 23 September 2018

Holstebro, Denmark »

05 - 09 November 2018

Albino, Italy »


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The Trilogy of the Innocents »




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Design: Barbara Kaczmarek


Countries and Places



Denmark (Holstebro)

France (Paris)

Romania (Sibiu)

Spain (Madrid)


2017: China (Ji'nan); Denmark (Holstebro, Valby/Storkøbenhavn, Aarhus); Iran (Tehran); Italy (Lecce)

2016: Denmark (Holstebro, Ringkøbing); Hungary (Budapest); Polen (Wroclaw)



International Festivals


The First Shandong International Small Theatre Drama Show, Ji'nan, China (2017)

Theatre Olympics - The World as a Place of Truth, Wroclaw, Poland (2016)



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