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Gambuh Desa Batuan Ensemble


(The Stabbing of the Horse)


This Gambuh performance recounts one of the stories from the Malat, a cycle of the adventures of Prince Panji.

In this episode, Panji is on his search for his beloved Rangke-Sekar who has disappeared mysteriously. He has arrived in the Gegelang kingdom that had been attacked by the Pamotan and Kebalan kings. Having defeated his enemies, Panji is now about to be received at the Gegelang court.

Traditionally, the Malat epic is never shown in its entirety and the actors' entrances follow a codified succession.



The first scene stages the entrance of the condong, the first lady-in-waiting and confidant of Princess Ratnaningrat of the Gegelang kingdom. The condong summons the other four ladies-in-waiting (kakan-kakan) to pay homage to the princess, who then makes her entrance.



The second scene shows Panji and his retinue arriving at the Gegelang palace with his horse. Panji's three heralds (kadean-kadean) and the fourth herald Banyak Tarawarsa make their entrance followed by Rangga Tita-jiwa, Panji's aide-de-camp. They announce that they are going to pay homage to the princess.

Panji then makes his entrance, riding his horse and followed by his attendant Semar. His groom takes the horse and ties it to a tree. There is now an encounter between Princess Ratnaningrat and Panji who promises to teach her to play a tune on the gambang gamelan.

While Panji and his retinue arrive at Gegelang palace, Prabangsa, Panji's crazy half brother, has returned from gambling having suffered great losses.



The third scene begins with the entrance of Prabangsa's Chamberlain (Demang) and Commander-in-chief (Tumenggung) announcing his imminent arrival. Finally Prabangsa himself makes his entrance followed by his attendant Togog.. Seeing a horse tied beneath a tree, he asks who it belongs to. He is told that Panji is the owner. On hearing this, he immediately draws his kriss (dagger) and stabs the horse along with Panji's groom.

Panji's companions are angry. One of them moves to kill Prabangsa, but is restrained by Banyak Tarawarsa, a fellow kadean-kadean, who reminds him that it would not be right as Prabangsa is the king's nephew. However, Prabangsa continues to stir up trouble. The atmosphere is tense. Rangga Tita Jiwa, Panji's aide-de-camp, reports to Panji. He appears on the scene and a fierce fight ensues.

Prabangsa runs away while everybody insults him. The horse is not really dead and Panji heals it to the joy of everybody.

After this episode, Panji returns to the palace to bid farewell before continuing his journey.


In order of appearance


First Scene

Condong: Ni Nyoman Juniati

Kakan-kakan: Ni Kadek Ariantini, Ni Ketut Sri Kotawati, Kadek Wistin, Oktavitin, Kadek Dian Pratiwi

Princess: Ni Wayan Phia Widari Eka Tana


Second scene

Kadean-kadean: I Made Suteja, Ida Bagus Made Kertayasa, I Wayan Suamba

Banyak Tarawarsa: I Wayan Budiarsa

Rangga Tita-jiwa: Ni Wayan Nugini

Panji: Ni Wayan Sudiani

Semar: I Made Lesit

Horse: I Wayan Rawa


Third scene

Demang: I Ketut Lida

Tumenggung: I Wayan Martawan

Prabangsa: I Wayan Bawa

Togog: I Made Merta


Singer: Ni Nyoman Tjandri

Musicians: I Ketut Buda Astra: drum (kendang); I Nyoman Doble: drum (kendang); I Wayan Kader: kempur; I Wayan Naka: flute; I Ketut Sandi: flute; I Ketut Karwan: flute; I Wayan Gd Purnamaghita: flute; I Nyoman Suwida: violin (rebab); I Ketut Suwana: kajar; I Made Suamba: genta orag; I Made Budiana: klenang and kangsi; I Made Renanta: cengceng.



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