Women in Theatre - Silences and Voices

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Godsbanen, Århus, Denmark

22-23-24 September 2018

Women in Theatre - Silences and Voices

3 days of workshops, performances and meetings

Organised by Teater Viva (Århus) and Transit Festival (NTL/Odin Teatret, Holstebro)







Saturday 22 September 2018

at Teater Katapult, Godsbanen, Århus, Denmark



The Song of Joy, workshop with Parvathy Baul, Baul singer and storyteller, India (group A participants 10:00-11:15, group B participants 11:30-13:00)



The Echo of Silence, workshop with Julia Varley, Odin Teatret actor,

Denmark (group B participants 10:00-11:15, group A participants



My Silence, My Voice, work in progress concert-performance with

Katrine Faber, Teater Viva, Denmark


Au fil des voix, a vocal biography with Brigitte Cirla, Voix Polyphoniques, France



Sunday 23 September 2018

at Teater Katapult, Godsbanen, Århus, Denmark



Life of the Voice - Voice of Life, workshop with Katrine Faber, Teater Viva actor and singer, Denmark (group A and B participants)


Singing together, workshop with Brigitte Cirla, Voix Polyphoniques actor director and choir leader (group A and B participants)


The Flying Carpet, vocal work demonstration with Julia Varley, Odin Teatret, Denmark



Monday 24 September 2018

at Remisen, Godsbanen, Århus, Denmark



Symposium Women's Voices: Experiences, Techniques and Visions with Anne Middelboe Christensen (dance critic, Denmark), Brigitte Cirla (singer and choir leader, France), Julia Varley (actor and director, UK/Denmark), Katrine Faber (actor and singer, Denmark), Kitt Johnson (dancer and choreographer, Denmark), Lotte Fårup (theatre director, Denmark), Parvathy Baul (singer and storyteller, India), and the workshop and symposium participants.


For further information concerning the activities 22-24 September 2018 please contact Katrine Faber at teaterviva@gmail.com


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Workshop descriptions:

The Song of Joy, workshop with Parvathy Baul

Baul is mainly an Indian oral tradition, intrinsically connected to the practice of Yogis, Sufis and Mystics. Each Baul guru has a different way of passing on her knowledge to a pupil. It is more like a transfer of knowledge, different from conventional teaching. In the workshop Parvathy Baul will guide the participants in basic elements of Baul singing through breathing exercises, dance steps, body positions and the learning of melodies and Bengali poetry.


The Echo of Silence, workshop with Julia Varley

The workshop deals with the unity of the physical and vocal impulse, the connection between the singing and speaking voice, and the relationship between text and action. The participants will work individually and in chorus to achieve the characteristic generosity of the voice at the moment when it is offered to the surrounding space.


Life of the Voice - Voice of Life, workshop with Katrine Faber

Katrine will invite the participants of the workshop into an exploration of the landscape of each voice in search of new colours, expressions and possibilities. Participants will work on the breath, body, energy, support and opening and relaxation of the voice. The exploration aims at unfolding the possibilities of the voice in a playful and trustful way through movements, songs, improvisations and small creations. All kinds of voices are welcome.


Singing together, workshop with Brigitte Cirla

Our culture has lost a strong and direct relationship to singing and specially to singing together. The main goal of the workshop is to discover and develop one's voice through the practice of a cappella choir, working with collective and individual vocal and breathing techniques, aiming for a better conscience of the body and a flexible, extensive and free voice.

Exercises include vocal warm-up and exploration of vocal emission and resonators, and popular songs a cappella for equal or mixed voices depending on the participants.




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