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The Bridge of Winds

Iben Nagel Rasmussen

Iben Nagel Rasmussen

VINDENES BRO - The Bridge of Winds

Since 1989   Iben Nagel Rasmussen has led an international seminar called The Bridge of Winds gathering actors and directors from Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Italy, Denmark, Sweden and Finland who have formed a permanent group.


The core of the work with the group consist of the exercises Iben has developed during her daily training over more than thirty years. The group's training has transformed itself into a performance which takes the name of the group itself.

All the members of the group are pedagogues, actors or theatre group directors in their own countries transmitting their experiences in their own way. The Bridge of  Winds meets in closed sessions once a year for which it is not possible to apply.


For forthcoming open workshops you can find information and application forms under "NEXT WORKSHOPS". If you are interested in receiving information on future workshops, please sign up for our "Newsletter" and you will receive the announcement by e-mail as soon as the next workshop is organised.



Bridge of Winds: Guillermo Angelelli - Argentina (from 1990 till present); Luis Alberto Alonso, Oco Teatro - Cuba/Brasil (from 2005 till present); Tatiana Cardoso Da Silva, Uergs, Teatro Torto - Brasil (from 1996 till present); Elena Floris, Odin Teatret - Italy (from 2005 till present); Iza Jurkowska - Poland (from 1999 till present); Mika Juusela, Laboratorio Teatteri Fennica - Finland (from 1999 till present); Kasia Kazimierczuck, Teatr Remus - Poland (from 2000 till present); Rafael Magalhaes, Oco Teatro - Brasil (from 1993 till present); Emilie Molsted Nørgaard - Denmark (born into the group, 1993, in the concert since 2005 till present); Frida Molsted Nørgaard - Denmark (born into the group, 1995, in the concert since 2005 till present) Sofia Monsalve, Odin Teatret - Colombia (from 2006 till present); Tippe Molsted - Denmark (from 1989 till present); Sandra Pasini, Teatret OM - Italy/Denmark (from 1993 till present); Lina Della Rocca, Teatro Ridotto - Italy (from 1989 till present); Carlos Simioni, Lume Teatro - Brasil (from 1989 till present); Jori Snell, Baba Jaga Theatre - The Netherlands (from 2000 till present); Signe Thomsen - Denmark (from 1999 till present); Annemarie Waagepetersen, Teatret OM - Denmark (1999 till present).


Past members: Franco Acquaviva - Italy (from 1990 till 2009); Caroline Beering - Denmark (from 1989 till 1991); Nikolaj De Fine Licht - Denmark (from 1997 till 2011); Jose M. Jabar - Peru (from 1989 till 2003); Ylva Jangsell - Sweden (from 1995 till 2000); Petra Lindblom - Sweden (from 1996 till 2000); Sebastian Karatsalo - Finland (from 1995 till 2002); Maria Mänty - Finland, (2000); Tina Nielsen - Denmark (from 1992 till 1994); Michel Weiss - Austria (from 1999 till 2004).




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The Bridge of Winds is an ensemble of actors and theatre artists from South America, Europe and Asia, that since 1989 develops a research of the actor's physical and vocal training. Guided by the Odin Teatret actress Iben Nagel Rasmussen, the group explores the variety and complexity of the actor's presence trough a psico-physical training based on 5 different kinds of exercises invented by the the master Rasmussen and her pupils though the 25 years of meetings.





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